Motor vehicles are man-made and used to convey passengers or transport goods. The variety of vehicles is vast, including scooters, motorcycles, cars, vans and commercial trucks or lorries, in addition to passenger carrying mini-buses, public service buses and coaches. Others include motor homes, fuel tankers, dumpers and refuse trucks. Within the European Union, the definition of commercial vehicles is quite precise in that they are used for transporting more than nine persons, or to transport goods and which have standard fuel tanks fitted.

Historically using petrol, diesel or LPG fuel, today conventional motors are based on internal combustion engines which are relatively inexpensive and small, but cause pollution. Consequently, electric and hybrid motors are becoming increasingly popular, partially due to financial incentives and in response to environmental concerns. When their batteries are recharged, the power can be generated by various sources - not just petroleum from fossil fuels. For these reasons, vehicle trader reports indicate hybrid and electric vehicle popularity in city areas, with lower running costs for travelling a given distance - and zero pollution, or lower emissions than conventional vehicles. Although electrical cars are currently more expensive to develop, it is thought that with increased future production, the average vehicle manufacturer cost per unit should decrease. This is certainly one industry sector which faces continual development, and traders in this area should use platforms like to keep up with modern manufacturers.

Buyers can find an extensive listing of vehicle suppliers including manufacturer offers by using the online-portal, including a wide choice from the smallest minis through to juggernauts. For car, van and truck sellers, is the ideal way to find wholesale traders, fleet customers and transport companies, as well as staying up to date with all the latest vehicle manufacturer news.

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