As part of a wider automotive industry that is worth billions each year, cars are the most well-established and popular vehicles made today. A typical car manufacturer will produce several different models within their range and some of the largest multi-national organisations which make them, like Volkswagen Group for instance, have several different brands that they trade under. The wholesale cars market is dominated by dealerships which tend to operate within certain geographical areas, selling new vehicles for one, or maybe two, manufacturers.

A car dealer often has the latest models for sale, with all of the most recent product innovations and gadgets. For a car trader, knowing what the market is demanding in terms of technical advancement is of utmost importance. Hybrid technologies and green driving are often key consumer concerns. Although a car trader operating in the second-hand market is unlikely to be able to offer all the newest models, with these sorts of ecological technological innovations, a typical car dealer will.

More than ever before, fuel efficiency has become a prime concern of consumers. Any car that is now being sold through wholesale markets must demonstrate its fuel efficiency in both open road and urban environments, usually expressed as the expected miles per gallon of fuel that will be used. In addition, a car trader must display the emissions data of particular car models – something that is enforced by law in many territories. There have been many recent improvements to the interiors of cars, too, with technologies like integrated satnav and Bluetooth enabled sound systems being introduced, for example. These gadgets often serve more than just an entertainment purpose, but also add to the safety of the driving experience. Professionals can stay updated with all of the latest car industry products by using

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