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Considered a practical and important means of transport by many riders, motorcycle and scooter owners range from devoted enthusiasts of the open road to city-centre workers beating the traffic queues as part of their commute. Two-wheeled transport can certainly be an efficient way to get around busy cities and to park easily, with scooters offering ease of use and lower insurance costs than are applicable to larger vehicles. Scooters have a convenient step-through frame with a platform for the rider’s feet.

The original Vespas and Lambrettas have been complemented and redeveloped over the years, though contacting a motorcycle dealer may help when searching for vintage models. The modern scooter trader will often offer numerous makes and models, typically with continuous variable transmission instead of a manual gearshift. For a wide choice of models from leading scooter and motorcycle manufacturers including wholesale distributors, is a B2B supplier portal connecting buyers and sellers. Bodywork conceals the engine parts and gives scooters a stylish, aerodynamic look, with some protection from the wind and rain - especially with a screen. To add storage space under the seat, motorcycle trader and scooter manufacturers offer racks and top boxes.

A typical entry-level machine offered by a motorcycle trader will have an engine capacity of 125 c.c. (cubic centimetres), with a riding test and upward progression to 250cc models offering respectable acceleration, though the legislation covering driver age and size of motor may vary depending on the country. Engine displacements range from a 50cc moped through sporting 650s up to 1200cc (or more) on some elite touring bikes. Choices in motorcycle dealer showrooms include single cylinder engines, v-twins and responsive triples, while ABS braking systems increase safety.

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