Trucks are medium to larger road vehicles, often with separate cabs (or tractor units) and trailers. Used for transporting goods and materials, wholesale trucks are produced by commercial vehicle manufacturers using typical motor industry components with large engines, manual or automatic transmissions, suspension systems and axles and road wheels. A truck is also called a lorry, with suppliers and maintenance experts ready to be found at

Small trucks and vans are mechanically similar to cars while larger trucks are more powerful vehicles, powered by sizeable engines and built for transporting heavier loads over longer distances. A light truck or pick-up weighs less than 3.5 tonnes, whereas medium trucks are defined as weighing up to 7.5 tonnes. A truck manufacturer may also offer specialised models for firefighting, refuse (garbage) collection and concrete mixers or cement transporters.

When comparing specifications with a truck trader, the axle weight is a significant factor. Equal to the truck weight divided by the number of wheel axles, this figure has a proportional effect on servicing expenses, particularly the vehicle tyres and apart from the effect of heavy vehicles on roads.

Other factors to consider when evaluating truck dealer purchase or leasing options are handling characteristics and manoeuvrability, as well as fuel consumption, as these will differ significantly to that of smaller vehicles. A truck trader will be able to advise on innovative technical features and interior specifications, such as fully adjustable driver’s seats options and cab air conditioning. For an extensive listing of leading truck manufacturers and business contacts within truck manufacturers and the worldwide commercial vehicle industry, offers the necessary business contacts needed for international enterprises.

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