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Transport & Logistics

Transport and logistics is a fundamental part of developed, modern economies. It involves the movement of people, materials and products from one place to another. Goods and materials are moved from the source of supply to the manufacturer or processing plant, while finished products are transported to the retailer or customer; all of these products can be acquired by finding the right contacts on

Transport can be divided into the areas of operations, vehicle and infrastructure. Logistics means the management of warehouse stocks and materials, i.e. inventory management. It can also include packaging for shipping or for storage, in addition to the use of distribution networks.

Transport and logistics sometimes occurs during intermediate stages of the production process, but this tends to add to manufacturing or production costs. Just in time manufacturing aims to simplify transport logistics by finding suppliers located nearby. Some companies site their distribution centres, manufacturing plants or factories near to major suppliers, for precisely this reason.

Liasing with suppliers enables compatible transport logistics systems to be used including bar codes and tracking systems. New GS1 transport wholesale standards aim to streamline logistical information, with improved shipment tracking using standard identifiers. This reduces duplication of effort, such as re-labelling when a pallet passes from one logistics service partner (LSP) to another - for example, from lorry to warehouse. A common identifier is used, typically a Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC), which provides details of the goods and enables efficient order and transport management as well as delivery and receipt. It also helps customers to better manage their inventory and warehouse operations. gives companies, whether directly involved in logistics or not, the opportunity to find the suitable partners for their logistical operations through the portal's B2B features. More precise requirements can be met in the provided sub-categories, such as Transport Technology and Transportation of Livestock & Meat.

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