Trolleys & Transport Boxes

Trolleys are indispensable to the work processes in factories, warehouses, offices and transport and delivery services. Wherever heavy objects or large quantities of objects are to be moved, trolleys make an invaluable investment. From drinks crates and fridges to barrels and boxes, a trolley manufacturer on will have the right trolley to safely reduce any burden.

Tool and assembly trolleys from a trolley supplier make practical additions to any factory floor. As a mobile workplace, with tools and assembly parts readily at hand, they help maintain a well-organised and efficient production line. Container trolleys are ideal for transporting lighter loads, such as parcels and laundry. A trolley manufacturer will produce this style with a wire mesh transport box or solid panelling of plastic, wood or metal. For an uninterrupted flow of goods, conveyor systems are an attractive option. They can greatly assist in the smooth running of a mail order company and effortlessly transport products or parts across a warehouse or factory.

Office, shelf, order picking and industrial service trolleys from a trolley manufacturer are designed to make life easier in offices, storage facilities, shops, hospitals, schools and any commercial enterprise where items must be first selected and then transported. Trolleys for transporting drums and cylinders safely come in two, three and four-wheel variations. A trolley supplier may also offer dollies for the same purpose. With their distinctive pneumatic or solid rubber tyres, the two-wheeled transport trolley is probably the most popular and versatile style produced by a trolley manufacturer. As much a familiar sight on the street as the factory floor, they can be used to transport practically anything and can be sourced via the traders at

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