Transportation of Livestock & Meat

The transportation of animals on a commercial scale is governed by specific legislation and particularly stringent regulations apply to animals farmed for food purposes. This is a common-sense measure designed to keep human food stocks safe from the threat of diseases and supply related epidemics. Another reason for these legal constraints is the need to ensure that all transportation of live animals is carried out under humane conditions. Whilst the transportation of meat has a somewhat different focus, nevertheless the laws governing meat transport also reflect the need to ensure food products remain in optimum condition up to the point of consumer purchase. Following an appropriate stabilisation period, all meat destined for freezing must then be frozen at once. In addition, to avoid any risk of contamination during meat transport, regulations require that the transportation of meat in an exposed condition must be conducted entirely separate from the transportation of packaged meat. Within such a regulated environment, all vehicles used for meat transport and the ancillary equipment used for meat handling must be designed and maintained to the highest standards, to avoid disasters such as, for example, failure of on-board refrigeration facilities. enables buyers and other retail traders looking for new sources of supply to view lists of potential partner businesses which meet their targeted requirements.

With the transportation of livestock and meat being a delicate undertaking, it is vital for companies to work together with the appropriate businesses and services. Buyers can locate qualified suppliers via, making sure that all logistical requirements are met to ensure that the end consumer is adequately supplied with a wide range of meat products.

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