Modern-world communication of information is primarily delivered in audio and/or visual modes, and the term audio-visual (abbreviated as AV, or A/V) therefore describes media simultaneously delivered via both audio and video signals. Thus film, television, business presentations, live theatre, and many educational talks and lectures will all utilise AV-technology. An important distinction must be made between A/V-technology used in 'live' formats such as business presentations, where the presenter will introduce supplementary materials via a display screen, and A/V-technology which captures a performance on film, or is deployed entirely within the digital domain. This latter category includes AV technology developments such as web streaming and video conferencing as well as live broadcasting facilities, whereas the more conventional live approach requires the use of a projector sometimes controlled via a laptop computer. Buyers can source potential business partners through the extensive productpilot.com listings, which are divided up into appropriate sub-categories.

Given the growing range of A/V applications, along with the increasing demand for such technologies around the world, particularly in emerging markets, the productpilot.com sub-categories help buyers and manufacturers source the appropriate contacts within specific niches. For example, computer hardware wholesalers will find the Cables & Electrical Connectors, Headphones & Headsets, Loudspeakers & Accessories, Monitors & Video Monitors as well as Other Audio & Media Accessories sub-categories to be of use when in need. Businesses in the music industry, on the other hand, will be at home in the Amplifiers, DJ Equipment, Mixers, Recording & Playback and a number of other sub-categories. Buyers understand the need for streamlining their supply and so finding the right contact is of particular importance. Manufacturers of AV-technology will themselves need to keep their supply of materials for production in check.

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0-10V dimmable LED drvier

Universal AC input / Full range (up to 277VAC) Constant Current / Constant Voltage...


Acus Sound Engineering s.r.l.s.

Acus invents, designs and manufactures its entire range of products exclusively...


192-port Angled “V” shape & Flat Fiber Enclosure

This series supports extraordinary advantage: 1U size up to 192 port: “V” shape...


Acustica Beyma, S.L.

Since 1969 Acustica Beyma designs and manufactures from its factory in Valencia...


200W-400W constant voltage led driver

Universal AC input / Full range (up to 264VAC) Constant Voltage design Built...


Adam Hall® Group

The Adam Hall Group is a leading German manufacturer and distribution company that provides...


ANC Bluetooth headphone

Active noise cancelling Bluetooth headphone ·BOSE classic style design/rubber coating...


Adamson Systems Engineering

Adamson is Canada’s most recognized exporter of loudspeaker technology for the pro...

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