Amplifiers come in many different sizes and for lots of differing applications. The primary purpose of an amp is to increase the signal strength of an audio stream so that it can be reproduced by a speaker system at sufficient volume to be heard clearly. A typical amplifier manufacturer will rate the size of the product by the number of Watts it is able to produce when turned up fully. Speakers which are capable of handling the given load are required to be able to hear the amplifier at it is loudest and these are usually available from the same stockists of wholesale amplifiers, too, such as which can be found using Nevertheless, in most cases, amps are rarely turned up to their full capacity so that problems of distortion and other sound quality issues are avoided.

Amplifiers tend to come in two main categories, each with a dedicated manufacturer type. The first is the Hi-Fi, or high fidelity, amp which produces stereo output and is designed to work with CD players, music streaming services, televisions, radios and so on. Made for bars, domestic environments and cars, such amplifiers reproduce a wide range of sounds from the source as accurately as possible. The second part of the wholesale amplifiers market relates to products made for use with musical instruments, such as bass guitars and keyboards. These amps sometimes have integrated speakers and offer the user a great deal more configuration choices, so the sound can be adapted easily, depending on what setting the amplifier is to be used. An essential item for any band or DJ music set-up, sourcing a reliable wholesale amplifier supplier can be done using

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Airbrush production technology of our company is in a leading position in Taiwan...


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Manufacturer for Acoustic-Guitaramps, made in Italy, Acoustic-PA-Systems


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Team International (China) Co.,Ltd, mother company of PT AKT INDONESIA, was opened...


AS Series

Full-featured amplifiers from 100 to 1200 Watt with universal mains and ErP compliant...



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ASX Series

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AMS Neve Ltd.

AMS Neve’s combination of pioneering technology coupled with the world’s favourite...

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