Communications Systems

No matter what the size of the business, a solid communications system is the basis of good business practice. To be useful, information has to pass accurately from the head of the organization to the employees and back up again. The business communications system is rapidly evolving and has come a long way from its humble beginnings; it began with an in-house telephone system with a private branch exchange that had several lines connecting to the main public telephone grid. For the dealer communications system technology has since expanded into more cost-effective electronic applications, with many innovative solutions available from the suppliers at

A paging system is an essential feature for a small business because it ensures that on-the-go employees can be updated when needed and that important client calls are never missed. For real time business coordination, intercoms keep information flowing between branch offices. Traditional telephones can now be integrated into the more sophisticated electronic communication features. A small business operating on a secure internet platform can now benefit from the same modes of communication accessed by larger firms. A single Internet Protocol network can run video- and web-conferencing for between-branch meetings and client servicing, individual employee email addresses, and social media platforms and company websites. In an organization that depends on spur of the moment decision-making, a “presence” feature allows the communication system to detect appropriate individuals within the organization who are available for an impromptu video conference. In addition, multiple modes of communication afforded by the internet allow the client to communicate in whatever mode is most comfortable.

With the advent of cloud communication, an office is wherever employees find themselves. Further advances in digital communication technology are being developed on an exponential scale. For the benefit of the dealer communications system updates are available at

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