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Along with loudspeakers and headphones, DJ playback equipment is used in many bars, night clubs and clubhouses to provide entertainment. A professional DJ equipment manufacturer will produce many sorts of products, catering for the differing needs of each type of DJ. Wholesale DJ equipment includes products such as professional turntables and slip mats for DJs who still operate on vinyl. It will also include twin CD players for DJs who use that format. Nowadays, many sorts of wholesale DJ equipment are multi-functioning and can be hooked up to MP3 players, computers and tablets – sometimes without needing to be plugged in, via wireless Bluetooth connections. Therefore, a typical DJ equipment supplier, such as which can be found on, needs a choice of products to keep all styles of DJ happy.

Unlike home audio products, wholesale DJ equipment is designed to be robust and can often be moved around much more easily in flight cases than domestic kit. Furthermore, DJs require an important piece of equipment which tends to be absent from home audio set ups; a cross fader. This allows the DJ to mix between two audio sources and introduce new aural elements to songs that are being played. In addition, professional DJ kit will often allow the performer to adjust tempos, tweak EQ settings and even filter out certain audio frequencies, if wanted. Many DJ products light up with LEDs to provide instant visual feedback of what sound is being produced, helping the user to keep their sound as appealing as possible. With so many products and developments in this field of entertainment, traders can do with a service like to keep on top of all of the latest DJ equipment innovations.

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