Microphones are devices used to amplify or record the sound produced by voice or by an instrument. They were once the sole purview of radio DJs and recording artists, yet have grown significantly in demand since the advent of Internet based media. The ease with which computers have allowed the creation of podcasts, video series', music, and more has created a bigger demand for equipment, with many a microphone manufacturer stepping into the market. The applications for these products vary greatly. Microphones intended for personal use may be designed for portability whereas a producer microphone will be designed for quality. When it comes to wholesale microphones, there is a lot of industry crossover. For example, many a microphone manufacturer will also make related products such as headphones & headsets, or webcams, though productpilot.com can be used to locate manufacturers and suppliers in any industry.

Many a niche or producer microphone supplier has been able to make a strong business out of targeting a specific use case and designing their product for it. That being said, there is a big demand for wholesale microphones in other industries where cost effectiveness is the driving factor. One example of this is microphones for public address systems. Similarly, due to the growing interest in online multiplayer gaming and competitive "e sports", headsets with built in microphones also make up a significant portion of the market.

The kind of microphone manufacturer that caters to a specific audience can often be referred to as "boutique", but the market for these niche products has grown inexorably since the explosion of the computers & accessories industry. With the ability to broadcast no longer limited to those with a recording studio or film crew, microphones have become an essential piece of technology. The landscape of the microphone industry is an ever-diversifying one.

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Relacart Enterprise LTD. is a private corporation that specializes in the research...

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