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Audio accessories aid the consumption of media. They allow customers to enjoy optimal performance from devices and services; and they allow commercial organisations to function efficiently.

Accessories are peripheral items. Generally, this means that these will be products whose primary functions are to be used in conjunction with other media equipment. Examples may include stereo headphones or battery power packs. Audio and media accessories will naturally include a broad range of separate - and often quite unrelated – items: and not every peripheral will work with every device. The retail sector provides an abundance of products and options for customers' ease and comfort, and media accessories are a popular choice of consumer level electronics, with suppliers available on productpilot.com.

Not every media or audio accessory should be seen as consumer electronics. A pop shield that prevents a computer microphone from distorting may be categorised in this way, for example. Equally, replacement strings for an acoustic guitar may quite accurately be labelled as “audio accessories”.

A further group of audio accessories will be intended for commercial consumption. These products will usually be purchased by individuals or organisations who work professionally within the media industry. Specialist items such as transmitters, signal meters, or professional microphones and headsets are just a few examples of audio accessories that will find a large volume of demand in a professional media environment.

Commercial use of audio accessories creates its own unique set of demands. While consumer electronics may be seen as a luxury item, an identical product in the commercial sector may be an unavoidable necessity. A media company furnishing a new studio for example, will require a great deal of specialist hardware in order to function. Because of this, professional organisations often favour purchasing bulk orders of wholesale audio accessories to keep operational and unit costs low.

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