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Recording and playback equipment allows the user to capture media onto a blank storage format, and then access it and replay the content at a later time. From a recording producer in a professional studio, to an individual downloading a film to watch on television, most people are able to recognise the technology behind today's modern media recording devices, though suppliers of any level of recording wholesale equipment can be located using

Products which aid in the recording and playback of audiovisual media are also in high demand among professional organisations: from leisure facilities and schools, to the media outlets and studios themselves. A recording producer will require both recording and playback systems for a studio; a broadcaster will need similar equipment to transmit their programming for either radio or television. The demand for devices which record and play media is understandably diverse, therefore, and comes as much from within the industry that produces the content as from the domestic consumer and end-user.

Over recent decades, the technology used in the manufacture of recording and playback devices has increasingly favoured digital formats. There are numerous benefits for choosing digital technology over analogue devices: they are generally cheaper and they operate more efficiently, with fewer components to repair and maintain. Perhaps most importantly, they are often much smaller too, and the media which they play is easier to store. Digital is now the most common type of recording and playback device found in a domestic environment.

Within the industry, however, there is still demand for older, analogue machines. A recording producer may prefer the sound quality of these devices, or appreciate the physical nature of the recording format for editing purposes. While digital formats are also the modern standard within a professional environment, many recording manufacturer will still produce a line of specialist analogue equipment to meet these professional demands.

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