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Part of the AV-technology sector, recording studios have been subject to incredible developments and changes. This is largely due to the widespread adoption of digital technologies which are now part of virtually every aspect of the recording process. Typical recording studio equipment includes items such as mixers, pro-audio loudspeakers, monitors and amplifiers. For a modern producer recording studio technology also includes many post-production gadgets, too. These might be effects systems, compressors, signal processing units, finalisation software and mastering equipment, for instance. grants access to suppliers of all recording equipment products.

In the past, the mainstay of a recording studio was the tape reel system on which multi-track audio was recorded. Although some studios keep this sort of equipment as legacy technology, most audio is now recorded directly to a computer hard drive. The recorded audio can then be played back whilst new tracks are recorded, or dubbed, over the top. This means that single musicians are now capable of replicating the sound of entire ensembles and bands, if they want. What's more, home-based recording technology requires little more than high-powered PC to run, so many a recording studio producer will simply work from home, rather than having a dedicated studio space.

Despite the rise of home studios, a professional recording studio producer can still often deliver better results. This is because a real studio can often be acoustically altered in order to affect the sound that is being recorded. Bafflers and dampeners are frequently utilised when recording drums, for example. On the other hand, shiny surfaces tend to be used when more reverberation is called for, perhaps when recording a choir. Overall, many products – both physical and in the realm of software – are needed in modern recording studios and helps professionals to stay on top of all of them.

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