Sound Effect Devices

Often considered to be accessories for musical instruments, like pickups, amplifiers and compressors, sound effect devices are available in a huge variety for a number of appliances. Some sound effects, for example, are run entirely by software and usually used as 'plug ins' to existing recording software packages. Many of the sound effects used in live performance settings are sold as 'stomp boxes'. The term 'stomp box' for a sound effect device comes about because they are usually operated - during a performance - by foot. A guitarist, violinist or keyboard player can introduce an aural effect by treading on their chosen sound effect device. Many have parameters which are pre-set prior to the performance and the device simply switches the sound effect either on or off. Daisy-chained together, such boxes allow many sound effects to be used in combination, thus allowing for a great deal of creativity. Suppliers of these effects devices are available on

A typical sound effect device is overdrive. This effect emulates a distorted amplifier sound, ideal for guitarists, for instance, when they want to switch between rhythm parts and taking a solo. Other common sound effect products are wah-wah, flange and chorus, all modulation effects, as well as reverberation and ping-pong delay, both of which can often be used in stereo audio settings.

Today, many live musicians favour a multi-effects device as opposed to individual stomp boxes. These can offer multiple effects to be pre-programmed and just need one foot tap to bring about, rather than several different products being used in concert. Often utilising digital technology, these devices commonly integrate other key features required by performing musicians, including mute and tuning functions. For suppliers wanting to keep up to date with the latest sound effect devices, registering with can be invaluable.

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