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Whether professionally or as an amateur hobby, cameras are used to take photographs and store images of special moments in life for creative, documentary or technical purposes. They quickly produce lasting records of events and memories - baby and school portraits, biographical pictures of family events such as weddings, as well as sport, travel and landscapes. Some professional photographers choose to specialise in certain areas of photography such as industry, architecture or fashion; for best results, an artistic eye and creative ability are required.

Most cameras now take photographs digitally so that images can immediately be uploaded to a computer, organized and edited as required. Some devotees still occasionally use film cameras, but their modern digital successors are now in widespread use - from compact pocket sized devices to larger DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) models. The latter are considered a basic requirement for serious photographers, as they have interchangeable lenses for different applications and types of pictures.

As well as taking still pictures, digital cameras are also able to record videos. is the place for wholesalers to find the right camera equipment manufacturers, this unlocking access to wholesale accessories such as flash units, studio lighting, meters, lens filters and tripods for stability when taking pictures. Other popular camera wholesale lines include bags and protective cases, memory cards and spare batteries or power units, helping the professional picture producer to back up photographs and store equipment securely.

The online portal enables businesses and suppliers to contact each other and stay up to date with the latest photography information and trader news. With such a fast-paced industry, making the right contacts is the perfect way to ensure supply demands are always met.

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