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Consumer electronics, sometimes known in the electronics trade as 'brown goods', refers to electrical equipment purchased for everyday use. This category includes devices used extensively for entertainment, communications and different kinds of office productivity tasks. This includes items such as music devices and amplifiers, as well as entertainment devices and everyday essentials, such as phones and media accessories. Lifestyle improvements have inevitably been prompted and enhanced by successive waves of consumer electronics and thus a wholesale consumer electronics industry is now firmly established to meet the needs of the wholesale trader and retail supplier. is a B2B supplier portal for those looking to source contacts in the industry.

Because of the vast amount of consumer electronics products purchased, any leading manufacturer of wholesale consumer electronics can rest assured his brand has become a 'household name'. The ever-increasing list of such consumer electronics devices includes items such as PCs, smartphones, audio devices, TVs, GPS outdoor and automotive electronics, digital cameras, VCRs and camcorders. There is a growing trend of convergence, where many of these digital technologies are merging to form new, enhanced hybrid products. For example, the smartphone now rivals the personal camera as the chosen device for personal photos.

Electronic devices rely upon a variety of different parts and features in order to operate successfully as a whole device. Retailers do well to ensure they supply not only the consumer electronics themselves, but also replacement parts and cables. can be used to source wholesale suppliers of electronic items and their accessories. In this industry especially, electronic devices can quickly become ‘outdated’, replaced by the newest devices to the market. That said, there will be a steady demand for obsolete electronic devices, meaning retailers should consider ensuring they have contact to a manufacturer of older products, too.

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AVT-689 7" Touch Screen Audio Source

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Busker Box

Busker Box - Great Design! 40 Watts Rechargeable Acoustic amp with Bluetooth function...


Adam Hall® Group

The Adam Hall Group is a leading German manufacturing and distribution company...

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