Electric Drives

An electric drive is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and controls the process by electrical means. The mechanical energy so converted is used to change the physical position of an object in another machine or mechanism, such as an assembly line, fan or pump, for process control. Those searching for traders in the industry can use productpilot.com to access the items they need.

In a rotary electric machine, such as a motor or generator, the speed of rotation and torque, or ‘turning force’, of the shaft can be controlled not only by the applied current and voltage, but also by implementing an electric drive. Electric drives typically consist of one or more electric motors and an elaborate control system, often implemented in computer software, to precisely control and optimise the rotation of the motor shaft(s).

The simpler type of electric drive, in which one electric motor is an integral part of the machine, is known as a single or individual motor drive. The more complex type of drive, which has two or more electric motors for each machine, is known as a multi motor drive. The latter typed is used in heavy industry, for precise control of machine tools, rolling mills and the like.

Typical applications for electric drives include fans, motors and pumps for industrial processes, but their ability to control speed and torque has also seen them included in electric traction motors suitable for a range of transportation applications. Traction motors are suitable for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and public transport vehicles, such as buses, trains and trams. Other applications of electric drives in the automotive field include electric braking and steering systems, electric window lifters, oil pumps, water pumps and many more. Productpilot.com should be the first port of call for anyone with a serious, professional interest in the industry.

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