Electrical Ballast

An electrical ballast, or electronic ballast, is a device that limits current in a circuit, just as ballast in a boat is used to manage stability. An electrical ballast allows the current entering a device to be reduced to a suitable amount, avoiding dangerous overloads. The most common example is the inductive ballast in florescent lighting, which prevents the current in the tube getting to high and causing damage. Electrical traders will find an electronic ballast manufacturer at productpilot.com with various ballast solutions.

The options provided by a typical electronic ballast supplier will vary depending on the type of circuit and devices that need protection. The common types of ballast are inductors, capacitors and resistors. A fixed resistor is a common choice for low-powered loads such as LED lights; this simple unit can be left in place and has no need to change for different uses.

A typical electronic ballast manufacturer will also produce electronic ballast that uses complex circuitry to intelligently manage current. They use various methods such as pulse-width modification to adjust the current, while remaining a relatively small device. Digital ballasts can use a microcontroller to allow remote adjustment and monitoring, giving a fine level of current control and convenience.

The popularity of electronic ballasts is increasing, making a relationship with an electronic ballast manufacturer or electronic ballast supplier a potentially valuable asset for businesses in many industries. One reason for this popularity is that electronic ballast reduces the flicker effect in electronic lamps, particularly vital for suffers of photosensitive epilepsy. Furthermore, many electronic ballasts can operate both HPS and metal-halide lamps, cutting costs for buildings that use both types. Sellers of ballasts might market them alongside similar components like switches and transformers.

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