Electrical Installations

The term electrical installation usually refers to all the wires, machinery, apparatus, appliances, devices, material and equipment used by a consumer to receive electrical power and also to use or distribute that power or energy around that same consumer location. Thus, in practical terms, the electrical installation can be regarded as the complete electrical system within a domestic, commercial or industrial property.

Electrical installations in any environment or implementation require approved safety features. Earthing, electrical bonding, lightning protection & overvoltage protection are all commonly used to protect users and buildings. Churches and taller buildings, for example, will feature some form of earthing or lightning protection, which offers protection to the surrounding area as well as the building itself.

On a smaller scale, electrical installations can also be used to refer to plug-in items or plug devices. As plugs and their fittings are not internationally the same, adapters have to be created for a range of devices. For international adapters on a wholesale basis, which are essential for international companies, consult the lists of providers on productpilot.com.

Installing commissioning, repairing and maintaining such electrical installations is a skilled job requiring the services of a team of qualified electricians. In addition, health and safety concerns or legislation dictate that only experts in this field should conduct any maintenance work in public or working environments – especially if the work requires wiring connections and/or disconnections to and from the public electricity supply. Given that almost all types of property will require some form of power supply, electrical contractors are often called upon to plan their electrical installation work in collaboration with other parts of the construction industry. Productpilot.com's own listings of equipment and services related to electrical installations are mostly grouped under the main category of Electronics.

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