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The world of business and commerce is outwards-looking and increasingly globalised. The growth of the worldwide web means that even the smallest, sole trading company is able to now compete with a large multinational for international and foreign sales. In order to meet the demands of its clients, a business must be able to deliver the goods and services that it offers – even when their customer base is no longer locally situated. This is where a wholesale distribution system can play a crucial part in the day-to-day management of a company, though suppliers are available on productpilot.com.

When an enterprise sells tangible goods, it is reliant on its logistical and distribution systems to transport and deliver its products to the point of consumption. This may be a retail outlet, a store, or it may be selling directly to its customer. Distribution systems manage the tasks of the supply chain: from checking and allocating stock, to processing and packaging the order, to scheduling its final delivery to the client.

Distribution systems are most likely to be both digital and online. Modern software solutions provide real-time data for the supplier and the customer. This data is able to provide details of the size, weight, cost, and location of any order – and can be accessed with only a few mouse clicks from anywhere in the world.

Because of the crucial tasks that distribution systems are able to manage, many businesses will choose to operate their software on-site. However, for cost and efficiency reasons, other companies may choose to employ a third party distribution service, which manages these duties on their behalf. Productpilot.com can be used to source service providers. Whether it is an in-house solution, or an off-site service, an effective wholesale distribution system is increasingly seen as one of the fundamental elements of a successful and scalable business.

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