Earthing, Electrical Bonding, Lightning Protection & Overvoltage Protection

Earthing, electrical bonding, lightning and over voltage protection are all methods of minimizing the risks to people and property from electricity. Earthing involves providing an alternative route for the electricity to flow to the ground in the case of a fault. This minimizes the chances of the electricity passing to earth through the user and causing an electric shock. Electrical bonding is the process of connecting all metallic conducting objects in a room or building as this ensures that in the case of a fault, a person cannot touch two objects at different potentials which could also lead to electric shock. A lightning protection manufacturer will create a product that allows electricity from a lightning strike to pass harmlessly through the building without endangering the lives of those within. Overvoltage protection systems available from traders at are designed to reduce the risk of harm if the voltage of a system goes over the level at which it can operate safely.

Overvoltage protection systems and other electrical safety systems are an important part of any electrical installation. They will be fitted alongside distribution systems, switchgear and electrical components to ensure the safe operation of the electrical system.

Electricity is a powerful, but potentially dangerous tool. Technology that can help to protect people and property from harm caused by electricity will always be in demand. Any buyer looking for manufacturers and suppliers of the latest products for protection against electrical accidents can do so via where they can find access to suppliers of earthing and bonding products, or an overvoltage or lightning protection manufacturer.

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