Grid-bound & Radio-bus Technology for Buildings

Grid-bound radio-bus technology for buildings is a technology for comprehensive networking of devices such as machinery or home appliances. Previous control systems of this type used electrical mains or power lines, but these were prone to noise problems. In contrast, the latest systems use a more reliable dedicated low-voltage cable or two-way wireless network to carry command and control signals.

Modern grid-bound radio-bus technology uses a special communications protocol, which works well with long cable lengths (Ethernet Cat-5 cable) or via a wi-fi network grid. Some systems are available in a choice of wired or wireless versions, with optional gateways to facilitate communication with other networks. Suppliers of various networking technologies can be sourced at the online-portal

In the workplace, this technology adds value, greater convenience and security in commercial or industrial buildings where applications include lighting control. Other manufacturers have branded developed innovative home automation systems, also termed domotics. Automatic and timed control systems can be implemented; remote control is also possible, linking to security systems, home AV products or other electrical equipment.

The potential residential market includes a customer base of homeowners and landlords who may choose to cater for an ageing population and their specific requirements. Modern retirees and pensioners are sometimes referred to as the “young old” – relatively active, healthy and accustomed to handling technology while also appreciating its convenience at home to manage the environment, monitor safety and control electrical appliances. For an innovative manufacturer or supplier of intelligent building technology, is the business resource to locate providers, displaying grid-bound radio-bus technology for buildings to an increasingly wide base of potential customers.

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