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When it comes to electrical installations, a plug or socket is the means by which appliances receive power. By plugging into an electrical outlet socket, devices can draw the energy they need to operate. A plug device, on the other hand, is usually a device that attaches to and operates directly from the plug socket itself. Sometimes a plug device will operate in a pass-through capacity; plugging into the socket and then having an appliance plug into it in order to control the appliance itself. Other times the device may simply be a smaller, more compact version of another typical appliance that can be found around the home or business place. Accessing suppliers of plug or socket devices can be done using the business platform

One example of a pass-through plug device is that of a timer. Timers can be set to prevent and allow the electricity from the socket to reach the device only at predefined times of the day. This particular use is especially useful for things like automatic lighting, where a home-owner may wish for certain lights to come on at a specific time of the day, whether or not they are around themselves. An alternative to timers is remote controlled switches, which can be turned on and off using a fob, or smart app. An example of a non-pass-through device could be a night light; a small, warm light for children who are scared of the dark. There are also many other applications such as WiFi extenders and powerline adapters, which can carry networking signals through the power cables in a building. As with any industry relating to electricity and gadgetry, technological changes can drastically affect the market. can help buyers in this market with access to all the latest updates and developments.

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