Protective Switchgear & Top Hat Rails

A top hat rail is a kind of DIN rail that is used as a framework to safely mount protective switchgear and other electrical control mechanisms inside the racks supporting the equipment. The components of a top hat rail are the rails, clips and brackets, protective switchgear, and can also include single, double, or triple feed through terminal blocks, mini terminal blocks, ground terminal blocks, disconnect terminal blocks, end brackets and end covers, and separators. Suppliers of these essential items are available to traders via

Top hat rails are named after the shape of the cross section of the rail, which is designed to facilitate the attachment of brackets and clips that support the electrical control equipment. Rails come in various lengths of standard plain rail and slotted rail, and are constructed of cold rolled steel with a minimum of 8 microns of a zinc coating. Specific mounting brackets are sold with the rails and are classified according to the weight they can bear. Although a top hat rail is typically used to mount electrical control equipment, it can also be used to mount anything to a wall, such as kitchen cabinets.

A protective switchgear that is attached to the rail is used to break the flow of electricity to the equipment. The switchgear provides protection to electrical equipment by arresting a potentially damaging surge of electricity. Switchgears also protect against potential fire hazard and shock to operators by preventing electricity from arcing across the separated conductors. The switchgear can be tripped automatically when an abnormal current is detected, or can be operated remotely. Remote control of the switchgear allows an operator to turn off the power supply to specific equipment in the event that it needs repair. Innovative technologies in protective switchgears and top hat rails are available from suppliers at

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