The energy sector is made up of many different sorts of business, from the likes of simple energy supplier, which perhaps supplies power to the grid, to an energy provider, which sells power to consumers and meters their particular usage. Due to the way in which the energy industry is regulated, there are also many people engaged in the wholesale trade of energy, just like any other major commodity – with businesses able to locate energy providers, traders and service experts on An energy trader will buy and sell energy on the open market, maybe providing electrical or gas supplies to an energy service provider. A typical energy supplier to domestic consumers will provide both electricity and gas and a good number of them now offer tariffs that are designed to make it attractive to customers to opt for so-called dual supply.

Due to increasing interest in the energy sector concerning the environment, the industry has become ever more focussed on renewable, environmentally friendly sources of power. These include many innovative products in areas like wind and wave power, as well as hydro-electric technologies. In addition solar sources of energy have been exploited in many new products which are either designed to power hot water systems from the rays of the sun, or to make electricity from photo-voltaic panels. Certainly, larger establishments or institutions may consider installing solar panels to roofing in order to generate their own power supply. Although well-established, the industry is constantly developing and innovating. Buyers of energy, including professionals with an interest in energy trading, can keep up to date with all of the latest products in the energy industry at

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