Components for Low Voltage Switchgear

A switchgear is a device that breaks the flow of electrical current to equipment. The aim of switchgear is to protect machinery from electrical faults, such as voltage surges, or when the machinery requires repair. Other purposes are the remote operation of low voltage machinery or when the low voltage installation needs to be isolated. Low voltage is in the range of 50 to 1000 volts AC and 120 to 1500 DC and is capable of powering portable equipment and lighting. Low voltage switchgears from suppliers at may be kept indoors or outdoors with medium voltage switchgear equipment.

The essential components of low voltage switchgear assemblages are circuit breakers, metering devices for measuring voltage, fuses, and disconnection switches. The types of circuit breakers available for low voltage assemblages are low voltage, miniature, earth leakage, molded case, off load isolators, and high rupturing capacity fuses. Miniature circuit breakers have replaced fuses to a great extent in low voltage networks as they are more reliable, can identify the faulty section of the network, do not need replacing when the system is tripped, and are safer to handle. Earth leakage circuit breakers detect small electrical currents leaking from an installation to earth and are employed to prevent potential shocks to operators coming into contact with the machinery.

Off load electrical isolators disconnect power to particular sections of electrical installations. Isolators allow the passage the AC signals but prevent the passage of DC signals, typically with a transformer or an opto-isolator. The choice of components for low voltage switchgear mechanism depends on ambient temperature, switchgear housing, and current breaking requirements. Low voltage switchgears are an important part of employee safety and the protection of electrically-operated equipment. Buyers and traders of low voltage switchgear can view the latest components at

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