Electric Generators

Generators are used to supply electrical power, using mechanical force to rotate magnetic windings that convert this energy into an electrical current. In essence, the action is the opposite of a motor. Smaller generators often use petrol, diesel or butane gas power and their working parts include an engine to create the movement, an alternator (in alternating current or AC generators) or commutator (for direct current or DC models), along with a voltage regulator to smooth the output. They may also have cooling, lubrication and exhaust systems as well as a control panel.

An electric generator supplier will offer machines of various capacity and power ratings - general purpose and heavy duty, employing modern technology for high efficiency. From large electric generators wholesale powered by steam turbines to portable generators with smaller engines, electric generator suppliers offer numerous choices and many are available at productpilot.com. Inverter generators are lightweight and portable; these are suitable for recreational use and typically rated up to 6 Kilowatts maximum. Portable generators are used for project work or emergency back-up and can be run from propane, with output ratings of up to 20 Kilowatts. A home standby electric generator manufacturer will produce models that can run from natural gas as well as diesel, supplying up to an impressive 500 Kilowatts, though any generator’s output is determined to a large extent by the machine’s size.

An electric generator supplier will be able to advise buyers on suitable models to allow continued operation of business activity and avoid disruption during power cuts. Business buyers looking for reliable electric generators wholesale distributors will find product solutions and pioneering technology at productpilot.com.

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