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The first thing to say about electricity is that it is not a source of energy, but rather a method of transporting and distributing energy. The energy comes from fossil fuels, such as coal, gas and oil, nuclear fuels or renewable energy sources, such as sunlight or wind. In any case, energy is expended to rotate the blades of a turbine which, in turn, spins a magnet inside a coil of wire. A potential difference is produced between the ends of the coil, which causes an electrical current to flow in a circuit to which it is attached. This is the principle of an electrical generator.

A power station may have one or more generators, but once generated, the electricity supply leaves the power station through metal cables and tall, steel towers, known as electricity pylons or transmission towers. The role of the electricity supplier is to supply and sell electricity to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers. An electricity supplier uses the transmission and distribution networks to deliver electricity to premises, and productpilot.com is a resource used to source an ideal electricity supplier.

The nature of electricity dictates that for the same power, the higher the voltage, the lower the current required. Power stations supply electricity at high voltage, so that it can be delivered via thinner, less expensive cables, but the voltage must be gradually stepped down by a series of substations before the electricity can be used in businesses and homes. Transmission cables are insulated by the surrounding air, but require insulation, with materials such as glass or porcelain, at their point of contact with pylons. Productpilot.com is the ideal vehicle for displaying or viewing electricity supply services.

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