Safety Items

A safety item is an object or appliance that is designed to reduce the risk of danger, physical harm or injury, whether in residential property or the workplace. In many cases, safety equipment requirements will be clearly laid out in industry-specific legislation.

A safety item supplier at stocks workwear, equipment and accessories for personal protection, including ear defenders for working in noisy environments, or dust masks for sites where there are fine airborne particles. For more significant risks, masks or full-face respirators are required. Alternatively, breathing apparatus with an independent air supply is used in fire-fighting, for heavy smoke and toxic chemical spillages.

Durable or impermeable gloves offer hand protection, while rubber soled shoes or boots provide adequate insulation for electricians working with high voltages. For welders, protective dark goggles or face shields protect the face and eyes. Individuals working at height in construction, maintenance or steeplejack roles employ personal harnesses and body belts, tethered with ropes.

To ease workflow and reduce physical strain or personal injury, wheeled hand trolleys or hydraulically assisted pallet trolleys help with moving heavy weights, with safety signs to display weight limits and correct lifting procedure. In areas of high vehicular traffic including forklifts in warehouses, reflective over-vests make personnel more easily visible. Reflective mirrors well placed on corners help to avoid accidents, while black and yellow striped borders can highlight difficult corners or hazardous obtrusions. Cones for temporarily controlling or directing traffic and portable barriers are other useful safety equipment.

For a choice of safety item manufacturers, gives distributors and traders the opportunity to connect with suppliers and businesses working in their industry and more.

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