Though the term "electronic publishers" can simply refer to those who publish via electronic means, it more commonly - and specifically in this context - refers to publishers who operate in the electronics industry. Publishing electronically simply refers to making available a particular piece of media, be it publicly or to a specific audience. Electronic publishers, in the other sense, covers a very broad scope of consumer and trade literature, from technical manuals to glossy magazines, from in depth articles to "top-ten" lists. In short, electronic publishers cater to all walks within the electronics industry, whether they are commercial or private enterprises. For all companies in the industry, can be used to source the publishing services needed.

One example of a publication within the electronics industry is that of a digital magazine or newsletter, though the terms have fallen out of favour over time and are now more commonly referred to as simply a "publication". Such publications will be released regularly, containing interviews, product or service reviews, hints and tips, and more. Depending on how in-depth the publication is, it may be aimed at laypersons, experts, or strive for a middle ground.

Another kind of electronics publication is that of a technical manual. These manuals are typically aimed at those with advanced knowledge of electronics, and focus on a specific area or product. The market for technical manuals is one where physical publications are still common, and a technical manual can run into many hundreds-even thousands-of pages, depending on the subject matter. Technical manuals such as these can cover the workings of a specific product, or simply the practices involved in working with electronics. Perhaps more than most, the electronics industry is very prone to change as technology advances. can offer access to the latest developments within this industry to buyers and sellers.

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