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Repair and maintenance services provide timely and expert assistance for electrical, electronic, mechanical or other devices and systems which are not functioning correctly, have stopped functioning altogether or in the case of scheduled maintenance, simply require periodic checking and adjustment to achieve maximum performance. Repair service providers available on may be engaged on an ad hoc basis, working as and when necessary. Alternatively, they may also be employed on an effective long-term basis, working as part of an ongoing maintenance contract.

These maintenance services are essential to many industries, as they ensure that technical issues are swiftly resolved and worker safety is maintained. While scheduled maintenance keeps machinery functioning correctly, preventative maintenance aims to avoid problems by replacing consumable components and those that wear out over a finite service life. A repair service may be required for building installations and equipment such as air conditioning systems, as well as office hardware including photocopiers and printers. Projectors, arts and media equipment or stage technology and lighting may require repairs to maximise serviceability and to minimize downtime.

Repair and maintenance services are usually straightforward on office and factory equipment, though specialised systems with hybrid engineering may require expert technicians or engineers with the necessary knowledge and skills. Production lines combine mechanical and electrical hardware with hydraulic or pneumatic components and assemblies; it is important that work is carried out to the correct standards.

Using qualified engineering services to prevent, locate and diagnose faults is often highly appropriate where in-house skills are not available or where a permanent member of maintenance staff would not usually be necessary. can help businesses locate a reliable and experienced repair service provider.

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