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The global media industry is one of the world's most valuable marketplaces. It is seen as one of the most attractive areas of business, and it is not uncommon for the media to be one of the primary areas of employment in many developed, service-driven economies. The media industry thrives on a high level of competition and prizes professionalism at every point in its production chain. The role played by service providers reflects this ethos, with many skilled providers available via

Services for stage and studio offer any number of highly specialised skills: from the technical to the creative. Media services are bought by production companies to ensure efficiency in each production, and service providers are highly valued for their specialist knowledge. Locating the right service provider for the task – with the precise set of skill to meet the demands of a job – is the key to realising the best end results.

Studio services may typically involve the recording or live broadcast of a media performance: from a television programme to a musical recording. Some studio services will be involved directly with the production elements of a performance. These services can be as diverse as a freelance camera operator or an audio mixer, to those providing the wardrobe, scriptwriting or make-up for a performance. Other services will provide general support: technicians and electrical engineers with an understanding of studio hardware would fall into this category.

Due to the similarities in working environments and techniques, many studio services will be directly translatable into a stage service for theatre productions. A theatre production company may, therefore, find it is able to source the exact stage service it requires by searching among the wider media talent pool. At all stages of searching, can help businesses to locate the provider needed.

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