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The term stagecraft refers to the technical skills required to support theatrical productions, music concerts and festivals, plus film and video productions. Stage construction is central to each of these and, in some instances, involves the building of a stage platform or an even more substantial structure, before various groups of technicians can add the production-specific detail and supporting systems. This second phase of a full stage construction includes the building and installation of scenery, the deployment and fine-tuning of lighting and audio equipment, plus the acquisition of props and costumes. Stagecraft also extends to include the ongoing stage management, lighting and live-sound mixing tasks required during rehearsals and performances. As a glance through's listings will show, the stage-construction industry and its allied disciplines requires a broad range of technical products and services. These include everything from small-scale stage platforms easily handled by a one-man stage crew, through to complete stage units, plus mobile units and a range of expert teams handling all aspects of theatre services.

Within the entertainment industry, certain international tours may require the sourcing of a number of local products and services. In such circumstances, can often furnish a list of partner businesses keen to supply whatever products or services may be required.

Those searching for stagecraft-related products and services will find some items may be listed under associated sub-categories. These include, but are not limited to, Building & Room Acoustics – for achieving the desired sound within a structure - Stage Technology - for more high-tech requirements - and Traverse Systems & Stands – which covers trusses and other frameworks necessary for supporting structures and lighting.

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Aleph CV LED Tape Driver

Drive your LED tape/strip with the CV driver. A Powerful 250W power supply and driver...


2M (Deutschland) GmbH

simply. better. 2M (Deutschland) GmbH is a modern company with a successful past...


3D Storm

3D Storm, official distributor of NewTek and LiveXpert products, is a leading player...


Aluminium Couplers/Clamps and accessories

AluminiumCouplers/Clamps  and accessories EFESTOmakes a large range of clamps and accessories...



Through the combination of concept and 3D designs, Syncronorm can create complete...


Acoustic Tools SL

EZ Acoustics is a young and dynamic start-up based in Barcelona (Spain) specializing...

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