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Along with stage lighting, stage decorations and props are a mainstay of television, film, and theatre productions. Stage props and decoration are used to establish a period in time, a setting, to further define a character, or to advance the narrative. With the use of stage props wholesale or decoration wholesale items, it is possible to quickly construct a realistic looking set. For example, the interior of a medieval castle can be put up with the use of light weight foam “masonry” blocks that fit together much like a picture puzzle. can be used to source suppliers of these stage essentials.

A prop trader that focuses on live stage productions has a different inventory than a prop trader for film and television stages, and the key difference lies in the readability of the object. Readability is the ability of the prop to project a clear recognisability. The props for a live stage production will be viewed from a distance and may have characteristics that relate more to their safe handling rather than detail. For instance, in the library of a Victorian mansion, for the purposes of a live stage set, the books on the shelf will not require titles, therefore any book with a suitable binding will do. However, in a film or television set, a close up camera panning over the bookshelves will pick up the titles of the books as well as the material of the book covers.

Few amateur theatre groups have the financial resources to purchase, say, an authentic radio from the 1950s and so will have to rely on a prop trader. In turn, the prop trader is required to have on hand a supply of stock historical items and decoration wholesale. Wholesale decoration and wholesale props dealers benefit from reliable information regarding current stage, television, and film productions, and also need to keep in contact with manufactures of decorations and props. provides a communication network for businesses in the stage decoration and props field.

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