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The IT hard- and software category covers a range of machines and physical computer components, plus programs and other operating information commonly used by computers. Given the extent to which individuals and businesses rely upon digital resources on a daily basis, this means there is always a widespread demand for wholesale IT supplies. This is especially true as regards IT wholesale trading in consumables such as inks and toners, paper, disks and other storage devices. A similar picture can be seen in sectors associated with various types of digital maintenance where, for example, those servicing business networks and other types of digital infrastructure require access to wholesale IT supply sources to purchase a range of spares and accessories. is, of course, a respected online source regularly consulted by international buyers, traders and service providers who are active in the wholesale IT domain, and thus has much to offer those seeking productive B2B contacts in IT hardware and software wholesale and related fields.

The IT and technology sector remains generally upbeat about future prospects with a majority of employees declaring positive feelings about their company's projected growth. Other forecasts suggest employment of IT professionals will continue to return a good annual increase. Specific fields showing particularly strong growth include higher-level technical skills in areas such as cloud computing, cyber security, and business analytics. Similarly, as IT wholesale suppliers will have noted, this future-oriented business is now led by sales of portable hardware devices such as smartphones and tablets, plus a new generation of dedicated software applications. Related sectors such as electronics, office supplies, and home entertainment will doubtless benefit too.

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AllDSP develops and manufactures DSP equipment for professional audio applications...


Amptown System Company GmbH

For 25 years, Amptown System Company has been known in Germany and beyond as an independent...


Archwave Technologies B.V.

Archwave is at the forefront of audio-networking & streaming technologies. Archwave...


ArKaos s.a.

What we do ArKaos first made its name in the European concert scene providing...


Avolites Ltd.

Avolites are dedicated to producing the very best control solutions for all aspects...


AV Stumpfl GmbH

AV Stumpfl is an award-winning Austrian company that designs, manufactures and markets...


Dataton AB

Dataton creates outstanding audiovisual products designed to enrich the visitor...


DSPECIALISTS Digitale Audio- und Messsysteme GmbH

DSPECIALISTS is both a product provider and provider of innovative DSP solutions...



Agora was founded in 2012 and is located in Poitiers. This French company has developed...

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