Projectors are a valuable tool in any stagecraft practitioner's arsenal. Able to project images and video over distance and in large form, the projector is an effective way to add things to a stage production that would have been prohibitively expensive or impossible without. A typical projector manufacturer or projector supplier at will dedicate a large portion of their business to the sale of wholesale projectors, often seeking out a projector dealer to handle direct sales. Agreements for the supply of wholesale projectors may also be struck with large organisations that will need many units, such as educational bodies, or sports bar franchises.

The projector itself works by passing a brightly lit image through a lens and onto a surface designated for the projection. The way this lit image is created depends on the projector. Some projectors achieve this by shining a bright light through a transparent lens, but other models project the image directly using lasers instead. The laser-driven version has certain power-usage advantages, given that the alternative involves a bright, energy-hungry bulb that will need replacing on a regular basis. Both kinds of projection are difficult to see in situations with high ambient light, such as a lit room, or outside during the day time. This makes projectors ideal for concerts, stage productions, and cinema showings, but not well-suited to home use where it is not always practical to watch movies in the dark. Certain models of handheld wholesale projectors are available too, with handheld projectors often being compatible with other portable devices such as mobile phones. No matter the specific business need, offers traders the global resource for acquiring projectors and other essential stagecraft products.

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