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Stage technology is the name given to the various technical components and practices involved in a stage production, such as a play or concert. A stage production is a very complicated process. Literally and figuratively, it has many moving parts, and they all need to work together in order to create the finished product. Though it's easy to see the "technology" in stage technology and assume it refers to the more advanced components such as lighting rigs, it can also refer to more basic aspects, such as the mechanism by which a stage curtain is drawn. For stage product experts and suppliers, offers businesses the information to acquire the items they need.

Among the things covered by stage technology is lighting. Lighting is essential in any stage production, whether that be a theatrical performance or a rock concert. The lighting sets the ambience for the whole performance, and poorly lit productions can be as detrimental as a poor performance on stage. This is why good lighting engineers are highly sought after. Sound technology is obviously important at something like a music concert, but it is also important for stage plays, though more subtle. A small-enough stage production may not use a sound system, for example, as the actors' voice can carry well enough on its own, but in those cases, thought needs to be given to the acoustics of the theatre. Other technologies include things like atmospheric enhancements, such as smoke machines, or confetti dispensers. Stage scaffolding also falls under this category.

The technology involved in stage productions is an ever-evolving art. As stagecraft practitioners constantly look for better ways to improve their craft, it is a constant balance between finding new and exciting technology while keeping an already volatile environment as reliable as possible. can help traders in this sector stay up to date with the latest developments.

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