Traverse Systems & Stands

In the world of stage construction and stagecraft, traverse systems and stands are an essential set of tools when it comes to moving around and setting up equipment in the stage area. A traverse system is, quite simply, a system that allows one to traverse a space where there would otherwise have been no simple or safe way to pass. A common example of this is a bridge, allowing people and vehicles to pass over an obstacle in the terrain with ease. In stagecraft, a traverse system from suppliers at allows stage hands and other crew members to move around above the stage area, setting up or working on equipment. Though the more common use for a traverse system in stagecraft is for the crew, they can also be used in the production itself, perhaps for background actors, dancers, or singers to appear higher in the scene.

Stands are equally as important in stagecraft, though their scope is far broader. Stands are used in the placement of equipment-both on and off stage-as well as part of the stage set up itself, ensuring performers can assume positions that might not have been able to without. A well known example of a stand in stagecraft is a microphone stand. Similarly, lighting and speaker stands do the same job for different equipment. Wholesale stands are big business simply because they are so prevalent in the stagecraft industry. Though a single production may not warrant the purchase of wholesale stands, a venue franchise likely will. The world of stagecraft is one that is always looking for an edge to make things smoother, more efficient. can help traders within this industry by giving them access to all the latest stage product essentials.

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