Tripods have, for many years, been used to mount lights which provide them with a temporary platform and offer a great deal of stability. The term tripod comes from the three legs that are used in their design. Although they have long been used in the surveying and photographic industries, the wholesale tripod sector also supplies a wide number of products to the lighting industry. For suppliers of tripods in any industry setting, ensures the right details can be found.

A tripod manufacturer will often construct a product which is made from metal, but painted black so that it is unobtrusive in a stage or disco setting. The legs often fold inwards so that the product can be transported easily, though when the three legs are splayed outwards, they create a triangular base which can handle the weight of a lamp, or several lighting effect products, being fixed to the top. For safety, a tripod supplier will usually offer a product which can have its legs locked into place, once they are extended outwards. This means that they should not continue to splay outwards, under the weight of the light, nor slip if they are accidentally knocked into. Rubber or plastic feet are also a common feature of the modern wholesale tripod sector, again designed for dealing with the occasional bump.

A typical tripod manufacturer will also make so-called T-bars to go with their stage light mounting products. These are sometimes supplied with tripods but can also be purchased separately. Fixed to the top of a tripod, they are a horizontal brace onto which multiple lights can be fixed. A common application of this system is for temporary stage lighting, when four or more PAR cans are fitted onto a single tripod, often programmed to flash in a sequence. A wide variety of tripods and other light mounting accessories, like ceiling rail systems, can be found at

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