Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering includes a wide variety of services, technology and components in the home, office and workplace. The industry encompasses areas such as the design of power supply and distribution networks to protection systems that maintain productivity. In addition to telecommunication systems and satellite communications, this engineering discipline also covers assemblies and appliances as well as network cabling and connecting jacks for computer workstations. Additionally, other areas as diverse as safety systems, safe earthing, robots and civil aviation radars fall within this area of engineering.

The sector is governed by professional bodies such as the IEEIE and various specialities also exist, such as architectural lighting to combine energy efficiency with elegance or practicality - whether indoor or outdoor. An automotive lighting specialist has expertise with vehicle illumination systems, whereas other qualified engineers and technicians work on construction projects in new buildings or rewiring and maintenance work in older properties. Productpilot.com can be used to identify specialists and suppliers of electrical engineering services.

Other specialist areas include components and system experts for automated residential and industrial applications, energy saving and low consumption devices, stage lighting and motors to power machinery, lifts and doors. Outdoor and emergency systems employ special safety at work precautions and as such, it's important that these systems are regularly checked to ensure correct functioning.

Manufacturing production lines also require special expertise to maintain peak performance and productivity. Many such systems are individually designed with bespoke features and hybrid systems, where electrical hardware is combined with other hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic engineering. Electrical engineering specialists are able to design systems, investigate and diagnose faults, complete repairs including fitting new components, and carry out routine maintenance.

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