In-house Telephones

In-house telephones, also known as branch exchange telephones, are part of a telephone exchange that operates within an organization that requires multiple telephone set stations. The central office line connects with the public telephone network with each telephone station having access to both telephone systems. Conferences calls and between offices communications take place without going through the central office line. Each station connected to the in-house system, whether it is a telephone, computer modem, or FAX set, has a designated extension telephone number.

An in-house telephone system offers cost savings to the organization and fosters innovative customization; for example, extension dialing and call forwarding originated with in-house systems. Today, in-house systems can be hosted by the internet provided by a public telephone exchange or a service provider, and thus eliminate the need for branch exchange equipment and maintenance fees. Conceivably, the company need exist solely as the connection amongst individuals working from their homes. A hosted in-house system provides a range of additional features such as multimodal access whereby employees can communicate via cellular telephones or other telecommunication devices. More recently, the mobile in-house system extends the fixed line to cellular phones and smart phones so that the mobile unit shares all the features of central system, including a designated extension number.

Modern in-house systems have taken their organization’s communication to the cloud with streamlined call centre capabilities no matter where the client is located. The small business can project a professional image with a hosted system that has many of the features of the larger systems, including caller ID, and voicemail in a fully-secured and automatically backed up environment. For private homes, apartment blocks, and condominiums, in-house telephones can communicate with an intercom outside the building and can activate the door to open, and turn off and on lights. To increase safety, videos are often featured with in-house telephone in dwellings.

In-house telephones have forged the way for many communication innovations. Buyers and traders of in-house telephones can peruse the latest products at

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