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Since mobile phones became commercially available during the 1980s, these wireless handheld devices have been used to make and receive telephone calls via a number of cell phone provider networks, when the caller is within signal range. Now easily portable and within significantly improved network reach, wholesale mobile phones are a fundamental part of everyday life and modern business. Mobile networks from the typical cell phone provider have access to the public switched (landline) telephone network system and international roaming options.

The first prototype in 1973 weighed around two kilogrammes; early mobiles could not be carried in the pocket. Now, pocket-sized devices provide more functionality than some computers of two or three decades ago. The technology has penetrated all countries of the globe with Nokia, Apple, Samsung and LG among the most common wholesale cell phones. For service providers and wholesale cell phones, offers a business gateway to contacting the suppliers needed.

In addition to standard features of text and multimedia messaging, voicemail adds extra convenience as it allows the caller to leave spoken messages, although calls cannot be made or received when outside the coverage area. Modern smartphone manufacturers offer numerous models that run more complex applications including email, Internet browsers, education and games apps that can be used almost anywhere. This flexibility makes these tools popular amongst common consumers and businesses alike, providing a degree of flexibility away from the desktop PC. Cameras with video recording and playback features are typically included and in some cases GPS navigation, as well as short-range communication such as Bluetooth and infrared. For entry-level wholesale mobile phones and smartphone manufacturers offering up-to-the-minute models with the latest technology, is the place to look.

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