Architectural outdoor lighting illuminates and accentuates the most important or artistically striking features of buildings and their immediate surroundings, adding inspiration and elegance to the visual impact. The changes in angle and intensity of natural light during the day can be complemented after dusk with the specialist placement of architectural lighting to generate eye-catching and beautiful effects – setting the scene and emphasising the historic or social value of the structure. Productpilot.com ensures architectural lighting suppliers for international businesses can be found.

Apart from improving illumination and safety for residents, architectural outdoor lighting creates and promotes a favourable image of a tourist area or city attraction, with positive results. The type of lamp mountings required depends on the light distribution desired, as well as the building, staircase or size and shape of the area. From recessed architectural floodlighting to highlight wall features and windows to surface mounted lamps and wall-mounted luminaries, there are numerous options ranging from functional or classic to contemporary.

Architectural outdoor lighting requires quality, corrosion-resistant fixtures sealed to IP65 water resistance standards with resin cabling. Many outdoor architectural lighting lamp fixtures and luminaries increasingly use energy-efficient contrast LEDs, which offer exceptional service length, very low maintenance and colour clarity. Luminaries are manufactured from optics, reflectors and lenses to give a focused beam to illuminate details, or diffuse wide angled light for walls and vertical displays.

Public bodies, construction companies and wholesale buyers looking for a choice of modern and progressive suppliers of indoor and outdoor architectural lighting will find extensive listings with productpilot.com. Equally, any architectural lighting manufacturer wishing to launch, display or promote outdoor lighting units will find productpilot.com an effective and attractive online showcase to display their range of installations and style choices.

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