Daytime Running Lamps

The daytime running lamp is a lamp on an automobile, motorcycle, or bicycle that is separate system from headlights and is used during daylight hours. The purpose of the daytime running lamp is to increase the visibility of the vehicle during the daytime, and was initially developed in Scandinavian countries where the ambient daylight can be low throughout much of the year. Especially in Nordic countries where the daylight hours are short, the efficacy of these lamps, which are powered by the vehicle’s engine, have been reported.

Regulations regarding the daytime lamps varied amongst countries. Sweden mandated the inclusion of the daytime running lamp in 1977. Finland phased in the mandatory use of the lamps starting in 1972 with rural roads during winter to all roads throughout the year in 1997. In 1987, the UK instituted a dim-dip system whereby the low beam headlamps functioned as daytime lamps and were operated at between 10 to 20% of low beam normal intensity. Canada and United States followed suit and began regulating daytime lamps by the 1990s. For international suppliers, can be consulted.

Stringent standards for daytime running lights are the norm on vehicles being produced today so the manufacturer can ship to suppliers globally and remain compliant with local legislation. Daytime lamps are always undergoing changes as a result of new technology and different regulations. Owing to the fact that a daytime running lamp is powered by the vehicle's engine, the use of fuel is likewise increased. Environmentalists are working with governments to try to balance the additional fossil fuel consumed with the added safety value. helps to keep manufacturers and suppliers updated on the latest changes.

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