Fog Lights

Part of the automotive lighting sector, along with essential items such as hazard flashers, headlight systems and ceiling lamps, wholesale fog lights are available from many stockists and are designed for use with a range of vehicles. An essential safety device that is used when driving around in low-visibility conditions, a fog light manufacturer makes products which can be either installed into a vehicle's lighting system when it is made, or retro-fitted later, if needed. Essentially, a fog light produces a more intense beam of light than conventional tail light in order that a car, motorbike, lorry or van can be seen when driving through foggy conditions. Unlike brake and tail lights, which are deployed by the driver when the brake pedal is applied or headlights turned on respectively, most fog lights will only be deployed when the driver chooses to illuminate them. This is because their intense light can be off putting for other road users if the conditions are not right. Many of the latest fog lights manufacturers and suppliers can be discovered at, where LED technology and new housings can also be found.

Designed for use in fog, heavy mist and under road conditions with lots of spray, wholesale fog lights are generally coloured red so that they are not confused by motorists with oncoming lights. In most countries, a fog light manufacturer needs to only have one of their products fitted to the rear of a vehicle in order to comply with road law, but some areas insist that a pair must be installed. In most places, fog lamps need to be placed away from brake and tail lights so that the lights are not easily confused with one another.

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