Indicator Lamps & Flasher Units

Indicator lamps & flasher units are the component parts of the standard automotive indicator, or turn signal. When a driver intends to turn their vehicle into a junction, change lanes, or pull over at the side of the road, it is a legal requirement that they signal to other road users that they intend to do so. This is achieved with an indicator lamp. The indicator lamp is an orange light that flashes on and off at regular intervals. There are typically four on a vehicle (though some vehicles may have additional indicator lamps, mirror–mounted, for example), positioned on the left and right hand sides of the front and rear. These inform other road users of your intention to manoeuvre, increasing general road safety.

The indicator lamp itself works by means of a flasher unit, or indicator relay, which activates and deactivates the lamps at regular intervals. The driver will typically activate the flasher unit by means of a driving column "stalk", which is moved up for one direction and down for the other. The direction the stalk needs to be pushed in order to achieve the desired turn signal is dependent on which side of the steering column it is situated. There is usually a light on the instrument cluster to signify that an indicator is on, sometimes a simple flashing light, sometimes a specific light for each direction. In most modern cars, this notification light is accompanied by "tick–tock" noise to remind the driver that the turn signal is activated. Many vehicles will automatically deactivate the turn signal once a turn has been completed.

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