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Within the automotive lighting industry, interior & ceiling lamps are often overlooked in their importance. Though not a matter of road safety like a turn signal or a brake light, they are an extremely useful form of lighting, and often one that is not really appreciated until it fails. When these lights do fail, they can usually be repaired by replacing a small bulb rather than an expensive lighting assembly. These bulbs can be purchased from vehicle parts suppliers available on, who will typically keep wholesale interior lighting products as part of their general stock.

Interior lighting in the automotive world can come in many forms, but the most common and recognisable of those forms is that of the door controlled ceiling lamp. This light is controlled by a switch in the door frame, activating when the door is open and deactivating when it is closed. This allows the driver and any passengers additional visibility while entering and exiting the vehicle at night. In larger vehicles, there will often be a ceiling lamp in the rear as well as the front of the vehicle. Though the ceiling lamp is the most common form of interior lighting in a vehicle, many vehicles also have other forms, such as footwell lights. The range of interior lights found in a vehicle are often all activated by the same door switches, but some, such as additional reading lights or glove compartment lights, may have separate controls.

There is a market for more specialised interior lighting, such as brighter and/or coloured lights. There are also many custom lighting solutions available for less common situations, such as modified vehicles. The wholesale interior lighting industry is a varied one, and it greatly benefits the traders within this industry to stay informed. allows buyers and sellers access to all the latest developments within that industry.

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