Lighting Module

In automotive lighting, a lighting module is an assembled unit that will often contain a number of different lights. Sometimes referred to as a "light cluster", a lighting module is often a much larger than the component lights which it houses. It is typically made of a plastic housing with transparent glass or plastic frontage that will be manufactured with certain properties in order to affect the light produced from the bulbs within, such refracting or focusing them.

Lighting modules are usually found on the left and right hand sides of a vehicle at the front and back. Though the actual lighting contained in each module may vary from vehicle to vehicle, there are commonalities. For example, the forward facing lighting modules typically contain the vehicles headlights, side lights, main beam, and turn signal indicators. Forward facing fog lamps are rarely in the front lighting modules. The rear lighting module, however, will usually contain position lamps, brake lamps, and turn signal indicators. Depending on the design of the vehicle, a rear lighting module may also contain reversing lights and rear fog lamps.

Due to automotive bulbs needing to be replaced from time to time, lighting modules are often easy to remove and dismantle. In some cases it is not necessary to remove them as the cradle that holds the bulbs will pop out of the module itself for ease of changing. Special cleaning compounds can be purchased for cleaning lighting modules to ensure the light that is produced from within is not hampered by dulled glass. Automotive lighting, like the industry it is part of, is always subject to change as new technologies emerge. can help traders with access to the latest developments in this sector.

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